Stand Up Booth Custom Spray Tan

Our stand up booth is the perfect option for someone looking to have a custom organic-based glow but prefers no human interaction during the application process.  A Bellevue Bronze team member will consult with you to determine the shade of glow you are looking to achieve.  A solution will be custom blended based on your skin tone and the shade you would like to develop.  The tanning solution is loaded into our stand up sunless spray booth.  One of our team members will provide guidance on how to begin the spray process.  Once in the smart booth, prompts will guide you through various poses in order to achieve a flawless glow.

We have an array of additives available for your selection.  They may be added to your custom blended solution to enhance your experience.  Available additives are as follows:
Anti-Aging: Vitamin complex combined with restorative properties can help to stimulate new skin cell growth, provide extreme hydration and assist in fighting free-radicals, which can promote a more youthful looking appearance.
Skin-Firming: Bursting with natural extracts to wake up the skin, this formula combines antioxidants and anti-cellulite properties that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and may promote skin-firming.
Pearl Shimmer:  Achieve a glowy stunning silver effect with our Pearl Shimmer!  It is an instant glowy result that is temporary and rinses off when showering.
Gold Shimmer: Achieve a glowy luminous golden shimmery glow with our Gold Shimmer!  It produces an instant glowy result that is temporary and rinses off when showering.